SS Authentic is a British high-end reseller of luxury garments, sneakers and accessories. We pride ourselves in only selling the most hyped and authentic high-end goods.

Founded in 2016 as 'Supreme Shop', we started by selling rare Supreme items to hundreds of customers around the world. Later this would change to include many other luxury brands such as Off-White, Gucci and Dior along with several others.

This led to the rebrand in late 2020, renaming the company 'SS Authentic'. This allowed us to establish and define our second branch within the company.

Listed below, SS Authentic comprises of:

SS Authentic Reselling - Our huge catalogue of hyped, high-end items from the worlds most prestigious luxury fashion houses.

SS Authentic Apparel - Our clothing brand, selling luxury garments, accessories and more.

Based in London, we serve the UK with a vast catalogue of items including clothing, shoes and accessories from some of the most exclusive brands in the world. With our extensive connections to the fashion industry, we can secure exclusive products you won't see anywhere else.

Every product available on the website is guaranteed authentic. All products are checked vigorously by our staff who have a combined 40 years experience in the industry.

We guarantee your shopping experience with us will be second to none.

For any specific product enquiries or an item you would like us to source, please email us and we will do our best to assist. Our contact email is: Josh@ssauthentic.com (you can click on the email to take you directly to your mail app).

We hope to welcome you to the SS Authentic family very soon!